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Monster Mash!

October 30th was a spook-tacular day at the Bureau! We held our annual monster mash Halloween runway show and everyone brought food to share! Once again, the Cape Chamber and Jackson Chamber came out to help us celebrate the season, and to be honorary judges! We love involving the chambers in our events.

At 3:00pm, all of the monsters lined up, and took their turn strutting their Halloween stuff down the runway to the tune of "Thriller". We had a lot of laughs and frights. At the end of the show, the judges awarded four costumed employees with an award ribbon. 

The categories were:

  • Scariest Costume
  • Best Halloween Costume
  • Most Original Costume
  • Funniest Costume

Below are the winner's, displaying their ribbon proudly!

Monster Mash Oct 2017

  Most Original Costume

  Identity Thief










Monster Mash Oct 2017

  Scariest Costume

  Swamp Monster











Monster Mash Oct 2017

  Funniest Costume

  Stay Puff Marshmallow Man









  Most OriginalMonster Mash Oct 2017

  Boo from Orange is the New Black











This will wrap up October for us! We hope everyone had as happy of a Halloween as we did! 

Monster Mash Oct 2017

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